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Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in California

Temporary Kitchens 123 can provide you with a mobile dishwashing trailer that is available nationwide and in some parts of Canada. The dishwashers we provide use low-temperatures to push through and have a conveyor belt drive for high volume dishwashing needs, giving you the best use while serving with top quality proficiency and low costs. 

The mobile dishwashing trailer is available in various sizes to meet our customer’s needs. Our modular dishwashing trailers will provide dishwashers of utmost proficiency. Our dishwashing trailers are available for long and short term rentals and are available in a variety of sizes: 20 feet, 38 feet, and 40 feet.

Our mobile dishwashing trailer will keep your kitchen running during construction or any other kitchen emergency. With the top of the line equipment in our units, you will be able to sanitize and clean your plated food service easily. 


We provide dishwashing trailer of the highest quality of building since we use materials such as aluminium diamond plate flooring, stainless steel and the highest level of temperature control that can be provided. Both the Non-slip aluminium diamond plated flooring and the stainless steel surfaces are all NSF approved and will provide you with an easy way to clean them up. Our mobile Dishwashing Trailers are equipped with a 3 bay sink, a garbage disposal, a hand Sink, a 50-gallon medium water heater, and single-phase 18 kW. The unit comes with a new 5 Ton Heating and air systems.


Our knowledgeable and helpful sales staff are available 24 hours a day and would be more   than happy to provide you with information regarding our dishwashing trailer rentals and answer and answer any of your questions regarding short term and long term projects.

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