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A temporary kitchen building is a unit that you’ll probably need once in your life. Whether you are planning to renovate your kitchen and is in need of a substitute kitchen or you need a facility big enough to produce hundreds or thousands of meals for a large crowd, a temporary kitchen building could be the solution to that. There are many company providers that are capable of providing 22,000 meals per day. The units also come in different sizes to cater to the varying needs of each unique customer coming from different industries or businesses. Depending on where you plan to use it, the number of meals you plan to provide or meal capacity, and the location, a food service consultant is always available to assist you with your needs.

You can rest assured that in every unit deployed, a licensed engineer had checked it regularly beforehand to ensure that it is working well and is on top condition before deployment. The mobile kitchen is equipped with only the best and nothing less-quality appliances and equipment. Everything you have in a kitchen, a mobile kitchen has it all and a lot more. You can switch out some appliances or equipment to meet your needs and you can choose to add some ramps and railings for a smooth transfer of the food cart. all the units include the following:

Ansul Fire Suppression Systems

Three Compartment Sinks

Hand Wash Sinks

Hot Water, Refrigeration

Electrical Box Panels

Propane Safety Knobs

If you are to choose a provider, make sure that they maintain a certain level of safety and engineering standards. The units should also be state-approved, NSF, and OSHA compliant. And don’t forget to check on if their customer service is working and responsive. This is one thing some people often overlook.

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