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If you ever need a refrigeration trailer, Temporary kitchens 123 is the right place to call. We are able to provide your home, facility, business with a refrigeration trailer of the utmost proficiency and quality. Our services are available all across the nation and in some parts of Canada. Refrigerators are constantly going out especially during the warmer months or times of the year. Humidity especially causes local compressors and evaporators to work on overtime. During the warmer months, this is when we receive most of our calls. Our refrigeration trailer is available for emergency, special events, kitchen renovations, kitchen or expansion.

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Our refrigeration trailer comes in two sizes in our: 12ft by 7ft Single Phase 30 amps and 20 by 7ft Single Phase 30 amps. We also offer mobile refrigeration containers that come in 2 basic sizes 20ft x 8ft Container Single or Three phase 30 amp or 60 amp 40f x 8ft Containers mostly 3 phase 30 amp. The Refrigeration Trailer we provide for your kitchen runs on 220 single phase power. Very easy to set up by your electrician. All units come with adjustable temperature settings and can be used as refrigeration or freezer.Mobile Refrigeration Trailer is often used to accommodate your business during major construction, emergencies, expectations and a seasonal increase in business.

When customers are in need of a refrigeration trailer, they call our company because of our number one services. Our knowledgeable and helpful sales staff are available 24 hours a day and would be more than happy to provide you with information regarding our mobile refrigeration trailer and answer any of your questions regarding short term and long term projects.

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