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What makes a temporary kitchen qualified to be the best substitute for your kitchen that is under renovation? Can it also cater to large food production for hundreds and thousands of people? For you to be sure of your decision before making it, you should look out for some things.

An ideal temporary kitchen can not only act as your substitute kitchen but it should be better than that. Don’t settle for less when you know that you deserve better and that you can get better than what is being offered. A mobile kitchen trailer should have everything you have in your kitchen and a little bit more. State of the art equipment and appliances that can make food production easier and faster, each unit should have these. Each of these units should also be regularly checked by a licensed engineer to ensure that all units are on top condition before deployment. The most important thing to look for in these mobile kitchens should be their compliance. All units should be NSF and OSHA approved with ADA compliant ramps. This way you’ll know that everything is legal and state-approved. 

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While it is not really necessary, it easier if the provider has a location in all major cities. This way you can request a unit in short notice and can deliver it as soon as possible which would be a great relief especially during emergencies. Opt for a provider that has a location in all major cities in the United States, if it extends to some parts of Canada it’s good. So when you request for a unit, you can rest assured that there is one that can be easily deployed from your city or in a city near you. Last but not the least, they should also have a responsive customer service preferably one that is available 24/7.

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